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Male Morons - Men Jokes

One Liners

Stock market dip

Watch out for the bridge

Why are you so wet?

What'd you do today?

My canary won't sing

Painting estimate

Did you like the play?

She won't make out

Grab a wire

He can't read

I didn't ever think we would make it

Foggy San Francisco

What's your number?

You'll be treated fair

Pizza pieces

Rail crash

My mother caught me

Tuna fishing

Would you like to see my scar?

There is a head in the road

Standing room only

Shooting accident

Bet you can't shoot that rabbit

Pushing or pulling

Lousy duck hunters

Have your eyes ever been checked?

Haven't seen a woman in years

Great fishing spot

What is the meaning of Easter?

Bet I can climb that light beam

Between us we know it all

Measuring a flag pole

Leaky roof

My house is on fire

Stuck on a desert island for five years

Go to the end of the line

Where's the body

What's the cheapest window to break?

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