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Redneck Jokes - Life and Humour Down South

One Liners

Lighting matches

Redneck lottery

Shoe polish

How do you like the haircut?

Rednecks at the zoo

Chicago long distance call

4AM telephone calls

IRS agent

An original Michelangelo

Wedding present

Parking fine

Two hamburgers

Taking Spanish lessons

Redneck mailman

Canon cleaner

Why don't you ever call?

My brother is older?

Naked in the hotel lobby

Rednecks on a flight

Alligator bite

A new fire truck

We need a bigger truck

20 Years to finish the Sistine Chapel!

Mule transplant

Champion weightlifter

Bailing out the boat

Goosing himself

Can you identify yourself

How's every-thin' up yore way?

Yore son is illiterate

Signed with an O

Clever son

Painting in the heat

I was born in Alabama

Emergency scalding

Nudist police

Someone is stealing your truck

Third of our brain

Stop throwing dirt

We're going on strike

Do you brush your teeth?

Redneck police trainee

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