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Jokes from around the world by Idiots for Idiots - Present company excepted of course!

Jokes and Humor from Around the World - Worldwide Wallies

One Liners

Montreal housewives

Iraqi bravery

Norwegian in New York

The cost of brains

Irish race car driver

French Canadian postal workers

You can make it

Baghdad Betty

Iraqu terrorists

I can write, not read

Apple pie anna coffee

Damn it

You damn Norvegian

Can you solve this riddle

How did you get here?

Russian life insurance

Two skulls

I'm lost in San Francisco

My breaks gave out

I've got your ear

What kind of wine

A mugged chinese man

American history test

How long can you live without a brain?

Next plane to Buffalo

Can you tell me the right time?

Siberian chicken farm

Italian men are stupid

How is your daughter doing?

Heat makes things expand

His name is Dunn

It's a birthmark

He went to America

Filipino surgeon

Modern buildings are better

Englishman in Dublin

Time off for good behaviour

The loan arranger

Twins everytime?

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